Ten Pigma Transition Rubric Manuals are designed
to serve 4 populations of students including:


  • Mild 65 skills for the Students with Learning Disabilities, Emotional/Behavior Disorder, and Other Health Impaired who will live an independent adult life.

  • Moderate61 skills for Students who will live somewhat dependent on support for their adult lives.

  • Severe43 skills for Students who will live dependent adult lives.

  • Autism Spectrum63 skills for students diagnosed with ASD or Asperger’s Syndrome.

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Research Base For Ten Pigma’s Transition Skills

In developing the Transition rubrics, Ten Pigma collected information from a variety of sources including:

  • SCANS (Secretary’s Committee on Achieving Needed Skills)

  • WRC (Work Readiness Credential)

  • Workkeys (Research based certification of adult work skills)

  • CASAS (standardized adult work skills assessment)

  • World Health Organization (socialization and life an employability skills)

  • Boys Town

  • Transition Teachers and Employers

The research was analyzed by special education practitioners who recommended which skills should be included in each of the four program levels. The program was pilot-tested in a variety of settings and is constantly updated, particularly as the expectations of Indicator 13 become clearer.

The Manuals Cover a Comprehensive Set of Transition Skills

Workplace Skills and Attitudes

  • Controlling emotions

  • Make effective decisions


  • Arrives prompt and prepared

  • Follows directions promptly

Interacting with Others

  • Works well with co-workers

  • Works toward group goals

Computer and Internet Skills

  • Operates a computer with confidence

  • Manages an email program

Basic Academic Skills

  • Solves math problems

  • Comprehends written information

Habits of Wellness

  • Personal grooming and hygiene

  • Develop good nutritional habits

Planning for Success

  • Advocates for self

  • Access community resources

Restrictive Patterns of Behaviors

  • Control obsessive behaviors

  • Cope with stress appropriately


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Many school districts are looking for a comprehensive Transition resource to serve students with varying disability levels and needs.   We wanted to help, so we’ve created the Rubric V manual, which includes Rubric Manuals I-IV in one convenient and easy to use solution!

The Rubric V manual is a powerful resource that contains 232 skills covering a wide range of disabilities.

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Autism Spectrum

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Rubric IV
Severe Disabilities

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